Quality Check

Each product entering Conor’s system – both in its central or minor sites – is thoroughly checked. Phytosanitary tests certify their compliance and suitability to our specifications.


The handling of customer orders guarantees produce delivery for catering within 24 hours. Each phase of the order filling process can be electronically traced.

Packaging Centres

Conor’s packaging centres are equipped with automated production lines where trays range from foldable crates for mass retailing (Ifco, Steco, CPR System, Polymer) to the main packaging systems for fresh produce: flowpacks, Girsacs, Vertbags, and nets.

Customized Delivery

Conor takes its products directly to its customers’ kitchens guaranteeing efficient deliveries and respect of the required schedules and transportation methods.

Customer Care

Our team monitors our services on a daily basis and is always ready to deal with order modifications or any trouble that may occur during delivery. Customer satisfaction is monitored with a special research application called FruitAdvisor, which gathers evaluations at regular intervals.