Conor is proud of its long experience in the distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables in the field of commercial, collective and nautical catering.

Certified product quality, flexible service and low cost are the strengths for a genuine partnership to a demanding and highly competitive market.
Conor is favoured by its integration with the production world and offers this peculiar asset to its customers. The competence of our supply dealers allows us to find the required products on the market even if they are only needed in small quantities.
Our customer-oriented approach and our long-term collaboration with several catering chains in their different segmentations have made it possible for Conor to perfectly adjust its produce selection to customers’ requests.
Through the company’s logistics system, Conor’s business model can take same-quality products to several areas. In order to constantly improve service, managing costs are kept down and strong integrations with customers are developed.
In addition to this, Conor also features a technical assistance and after sales service, so that any problem can be quickly solved.
A data gathering system (called FruitAdvisor) about user satisfaction in our customers’ productive structures provides us with detailed performance monitoring, which provides valuable feedback about the reliability of our supplies.