About us

Meet Conor, fresh produce market leader.

Conor was established and developed in the 1960s as a fresh produce supply and distribution system for modern distribution. It was quite ahead of its time, for there were no specialised distribution centres for mass retailing of fruit and vegetables and supplies only came from wholesalers.
This cutting-edge concept soon became the model for other companies – a model Conor has been able to update over the years, for it has always revised and modernized its business idea, from mass retailing of fruit and vegetables to catering.
Today Conor is part of Agribologna, with which it shares the nature of products, the strict quality standards, and the competence in research and innovation.
Conor manages every phase of the fresh produce chain, from production to marketing, and offers high added value services to its partners and customers.
With its branches, Conor dominates the competitive field of today’s Ho.Re.Ca, thus appearing as the most authoritative company for the completeness of its offer, the variety of its services, and its constant attention for foreign markets such as Eastern Europe and Asia.
Conor’s main premises and core business management are located in Bologna, but we have created a network of extra structures and platforms: Conor Cesena, Conor Varese, and the HFD (Ho.Re.Ca Fruit Distibution) network, which consists of eight logistics platforms throughout Italy.
Conor: produce is served.