Meet Conor, fresh produce market leader

Conor manages every phase of the fruit and vegetable chain



Conor supplies fresh agricultural produce all over Europe, Asia, and the Far East, using modern certified structures and guaranteeing top quality together with competitive prices


Conor is proud of its long experience in the distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables in the field of commercial, collective and nautical catering.


Conor’s offer features a 360-degree range of fresh and packaged fruit and vegetables: more than 300 kinds of conventional or organic produce, and fourth range fruit, i.e., fruit ready for consumption. 

Our Network

Conor’s supply and communication network can provide fresh fruit and vegetables delivery on the entire Italian territory. As a guiding member of HFD (Ho.Re.Ca Fruit Distribution) Syndicate, Conor uses its network to provide catering with acceptable supply costs, certified products and customized delivery services.

distribuzione ortofrutta


Conor only stocks up directly from countries where fruit and vegetables are originally grown. Our partners fully manage their production, from the fields to the sealing of containers ready for delivery. Conor conscientiously encourages and helps producers to take up standards leading to safer goods and more sustainable production.


Quality check. Each product entering Conor’s system – both in its central or minor sites – is thoroughly checked. Phytosanitary tests certify compliance and suitability to our specifications.

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